Hoeven: FCC Restores Funding for Red River Communications

Senator Repeatedly Pressed FCC to Resolve Funding Issue

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has restored more than $13 million in funding to Red River Communications (RRC) under the Alternative Connect America Model II (ACAM II) program. RRC had faced this loss of funding due to incorrect data showing broader fiber-to-the-home broadband coverage in the region than was actually available. As a result, RRC was unable receive ACAM II funds to expand service to the affected area, limiting broadband access for the region’s residents and risking significantly increased rates for RRC’s customers. 

In response, Hoeven led the North Dakota delegation in urging the FCC to approve an emergency petition from RRC to extend the program deadline, allowing time for the FCC to review and correct the data. Hoeven’s office continued to press the FCC to work with local stakeholders to reach a mutually agreeable solution, ultimately securing a revised offer from the FCC that retroactively restores the lost funds. 

“We’ve worked hard to ensure our rural communities have access to fast, reliable broadband service, which has quickly become vital for families and businesses regardless of their ZIP code,” said Senator Hoeven. “This data error would have significantly cost RRC’s customers. The new offer from the FCC is an important investment that will support a higher quality of life and stronger economy in Abercrombie and the surrounding communities.”

“The loss of this funding was a real challenge for RRC, and we appreciate the efforts of Senator Hoeven and the North Dakota delegation to get this matter resolved,” said Tom Steinolfson, CEO of Red River Communications. “This new offer from the FCC provides a welcome support for our operations and helps ensure we can continue to provide our customers with affordable and reliable broadband service.”