Hoeven Contacts ADM to Discuss Options for Walhalla Plant

WASHINGTON – Following Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM) announcement today that ADM plans to close its Walhalla ethanol facility in April, Senator John Hoeven called on a senior company official to work with private investors and state and local developers to help keep the plant operating under new ownership if possible. The senator spoke with Shannon Herzfeld, ADM Vice President, who committed to work with the state on the transition process. 

Hoeven asked about the company’s plans to provide for employees who will be laid off, and also what officials were planning for the future of the facility. Herzfeld said ADM would offer opportunities for employees to transfer to other company facilities or receive a severance package, and that plans for the future of the facility are still under discussion. 

“Our primary concerns are first to make sure that employees are taken care of and second, that the company work with us to try and find another company to resume production at the facility,” Hoeven said. “We’ve offered to work with ADM, as well as local developers and other private-sector interests, to keep the plant operating under new ownership.”