Hoeven: Congress Passes Extension of FAA Programs, Provides Hurricane Tax Relief

Measure Supports Projects like the Williston Airport Relocation, Now Goes to President for Signature

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today helped pass a short-term reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The bill helps ensure important aviation projects will be able to continue in North Dakota, including the construction of the new airport in Williston. The House of Representatives voted to pass the bill shortly after the Senate. The legislation now goes to the president to be signed into law.

“This six-month extension was necessary with Congress’ efforts to pass a long-term reauthorization still ongoing,” said Hoeven. “We must continue to work toward a long-term reauthorization bill that modernizes the FAA and maintains strong support for our airports and aviators, so they can continue to update their facilities and ensure the safe transport of people and goods.”  

Through his role on the Senate Transportation Appropriations Committee, Hoeven works to maintain funding for programs that are crucial to the development of aviation infrastructure in North Dakota, like the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).

Hoeven also authored a provision in the Fiscal Year 2018 funding bill to help existing airports, like Williston’s, that are in critical need of expansion or relocation, but unable to grow their current facilities due to physical constraints. The measure directs the FAA to ensure sufficient funding is available to relocate these airports in a timely manner. The federal government has committed $112 million for the $231 million project, and has provided $75.9 million so far.

In addition to extending the FAA, the legislation includes several tax provisions to provide relief to hurricane victims. Specifically, the bill allows victims to write off their losses and access retirement funds penalty-free, while also suspending limitations on charitable contributions to hurricane relief.