Hoeven Calls for Cost-Of-Living Adjustment for Civilian Federal Workers in Minot and Western North Dakota

MINOT, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today wrote to the chairman of the Federal Salary Council to urge a cost of living adjustment for civilian federal employees working in Minot and western North Dakota owing to the expanding energy industry in the area.

In a letter to Chairman Dr. Stephen E. Condrey, Hoeven said that “the cost of living in Minot has moved from being 14% below the national average in 2003 to six percent above the national average in 2013. This large increase in the cost of living dwarfs the increases in federal pay over the same period. The ripple effect of the expanding energy industry will continue to push the cost of living higher, and federal salaries will continue to lag behind unless locality pay can be adjusted.

“I am committed to fair pay for federal employees in Minot and throughout the western part of North Dakota. I have asked the Air Force to look for ways to increase compensation for its employees, and I understand that the Department of Defense is looking for ways to pay its civilians in the area on a competitive basis. I have also spoken to the head of the Office of Personnel Management on this issue. I hope the Federal Salary Council can make recommendations that will contribute to this effort,” Hoeven wrote.

The complete text of Hoeven’s letter can be seen here.