Hoeven: Bureau of Reclamation Finding Advances Central ND Water Supply Project, BOR Releases Final Environmental Assessment Finding No Significant Impact

Senator Has Been Working to Secure Approval for Central ND Water Supply Project, Arranged Meeting with Garrison Diversion and US Interior Secretary

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven released the following statement after the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) announced it has finalized its environmental assessment and found “no significant impact” for the Central North Dakota Water Supply Project. Based on the final environmental assessment, BOR’s next step is to issue a water service contract to the Garrison Diversion District for the McClusky Canal, which will help provide water supply for Burleigh, Sheridan, Wells, Foster, Kidder, McLean and Stutsman Counties. 

“Ensuring our farmers, ranchers and communities have access to a clean and reliable water supply is incredibly important to maintaining a high quality of life and ensuring economic growth,” said Hoeven. “We’ve been working with Secretary Zinke and pushing the Bureau of Reclamation to approve this water contract to help provide these communities with access to a reliable and affordable water supply. This final environmental assessment clears the way for the Bureau of Reclamation to issue the water service contract.”

Hoeven has been working to secure approval for the contract and helped arrange a meeting between Garrison Diversion officials and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Following this, the Bureau of Reclamation released a proposal to issue the contract in July, which the agency found will have no significant environmental impact during its assessment. 

Additionally, last week, Hoeven met with the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District, where he outlined his work as a member of the Senate Energy and Water Development Appropriations Committee to ensure the Bureau of Reclamation is a good partner for local water districts and helps advance water projects in the state, such as irrigation, flood control and water supply and treatment systems.