Hoeven: Biden Administration & Democrats Should Empower More Energy Production Here at Home, Not Rely on our Adversaries

WASHINGTON – At a press conference with his Senate Republican colleagues today, Senator John Hoeven outlined the importance of maintaining U.S. energy independence and how the policies of the Biden administration are undermining domestic energy production, which leads to higher prices for American consumers and harms national security. 

“North Dakota is an energy powerhouse. We produce an incredible amount of energy from both traditional and renewable sources, going back to our EmpowerND plan, which we implemented in 2001,” said Hoeven. “However, we are seeing almost a half a million barrels less of light, sweet crude production in our state, and it’s the policies of this administration and the Democrats that are impacting our ability to produce more energy here at home. When our energy production goes down, this administration asks our adversaries, like Russia, and OPEC for more energy. That defies common sense, and it doesn’t serve the American people. We should instead empower our industry here at home to provide that energy and do it with the best environmental stewardship.” 

As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Hoeven has been working to push back on the Biden administration’s harmful energy agenda and ensure the U.S. remains energy secure. His efforts include:

  • Pressing the administration to end the oil and gas moratorium on federal lands and to move forward with all postponed and future lease sales, consistent with a federal court decision from earlier this year.
  • Working to stop the Democrats’ reckless tax-and-spend legislation, which would impose burdensome taxes and unworkable mandates on domestic energy producers.
  • Advancing efforts to crack the code on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies, which will enable the U.S. to continue utilizing all of its abundant energy resources.
  • Supporting the advancement of key energy infrastructure projects, like the North Bakken Expansion Pipeline.