Hoeven Announces Nearly $7 Million in Federal Funds for Tribal Colleges in North Dakota

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven announced today that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded nearly $7 million in formula grants to tribal colleges across North Dakota. The funds are made available through the department’s Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Program, which provides basic support for the education and training of American Indian students in career technical education programs and institutional support for tribally controlled postsecondary career and technical institutions. The grants will help these schools increase their self-sufficiency by providing funds to strengthen their academic quality, management and overall fiscal stability.

As a member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Hoeven works through annual funding bills to support Native American education. Earlier this year, Hoeven announced that the Fiscal Year 2016 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill provides full funding for tribal colleges, including forward funding for United Tribes Technical College.

“Today’s award is part of our ongoing efforts to support tribally-controlled institutions, which work to give Native American youth access to greater opportunity in life through education and skills training,” Hoeven said.

The details of today’s awards are as follows:

  • Turtle Mountain Community College – $1.97 million
  • United Tribes Technical College – $1.67 million
  • Sitting Bull College – $1.26 million
  • Candeska Cikana Community College – $1.01 million
  • Fort Berthold Community College – $1.01 million