Conrad, Hoeven Review Fargo, Valley City Flood Protection

Cities Prepared to Hold Back Flooding as Crests Near, Senators say

Fargo – Senators Kent Conrad and John Hoeven met today with city leaders and flood protection professionals in Fargo to review plans and inspect flood protection efforts ahead of projected record crests in the coming days. Both Senator Conrad and Senator Hoeven are conducting a similar review in Valley City later today. 

Senator Conrad convened this briefing with Fargo and Cass County officials regarding ongoing flood preparations as the latest estimates show the Red River reaching 39.5 feet this weekend, marking only the third time the Red has reached that level in Fargo. Senator Hoeven has organized similar briefings in recent weeks. 

The federal, state and local officials also inspected areas where sandbag and clay dikes have been built in and around the city.  Army Corps of Engineers Commander of the St. Paul District Col Michael J Price also took part in the briefing. 

Noting that a task force from the Federal Emergency Management Agency had recently returned to North Dakota to supplement local efforts, the two Senators praised the work of Fargo officials and volunteers from Cass County and across the state, who will have filled and placed between 500,000 and 600,000 sand bags in an effort to protect the city.

 Senators Conrad and Hoeven will take part in a similar briefing and inspection of flood protection efforts in Valley City this afternoon. Forecasts show a 50 percent chance of the Sheyenne River reaching 19.1 feet and a 10 percent chance of 22.8 feet in Valley City. The flood stage in Valley City is 15 feet. Officials there are anticipating a crest between April 14-17.   

“This spring, the people of Fargo and Valley City have once again confronted a serious threat to their communities with a unified effort to hold back flood waters,” Senator Conrad said. “While our work is far from finished, the people of Fargo and Valley City have every reason to be optimistic that their efforts to protect their homes and businesses will be rewarded.” 

“Once again the people of Fargo and Cass County, as well as Valley City and those along the length of the Sheyenne River have demonstrated tremendous courage and commitment to protecting their communities in the face of renewed flooding this year,” Hoeven said. “Clearly, strong cooperation between federal, state and local partners is key to mounting a successful flood fight, which is why we must continue to work together to ensure that the President approve the Governor’s original disaster declaration request covering all of the difficult preparation that has gone into this flood fight effort.”

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