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Hoeven Statement on President's Veto of Bipartisan National Defense Legislation

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today released the following statement after the President vetoed the bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), legislation that supports the nation's military, includes important North Dakota priorities, and authorizes full funding for the military. The President vetoed the bill because he wants additional spending for non-military programs. The House of Representatives will vote first to override the veto. The Senate passed NDAA by a vote of 70 to 2… Continue Reading


Hoeven Presses USGS Nominee for Update of Oil Reserves in Williston Basin

WASHINGTON - At a Senate Energy Committee hearing this week, Senator John Hoeven asked Dr. Suzette M. Kimball Ph.D, the nominee to be director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), to update the USGS study of recoverable reserves in the Williston Basin. Kimball said that if confirmed she will work with Hoeven to ensure an update. "USGS released its last estimate for the Bakken and Three Forks in 2013," said Hoeven. "That assessment more than doubled the previous estimate and has been tremendous… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on ITC Ruling that American Sugar Producers Were Harmed By Mexico

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, who serves on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, released the following statement after the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled 6-0 that Mexico's sugar industry harmed American producers by dumping subsidized sugar onto the U.S. market. The ruling will keep in place an accord signed by the U.S. and Mexican governments to establish a needs-based trading structure for at least five years. "Today's ruling confirms that Mexico has harmed our sugar p… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Legislation to Address Sanctuary Cities, Enforce the Law

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven released the following statement today after voting for the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act, legislation to help enforce the rule of law and hold sanctuary cities accountable. The legislation limits the availability of certain federal grants to cities and states with policies in place that forbid local law enforcement from sharing information with federal immigration officials or complying with immigration detainers. Additionally, the bill incre… Continue Reading


Hoeven at Topping Off Ceremony for Robin Hall: New UND Building Strengthens Grand Forks as UAS Research Leader

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - At a "topping off" ceremony to set the highest beam for Robin Hall, Senator John Hoeven today emphasized the importance of the University of North Dakota's new Aerospace and UAS Research, Training and Education Building. The senator said the new facility represents a commitment to the future and will strengthen North Dakota's position as a national hub for research, development, testing, operation and commercialization in unmanned aerial technologies. The building is schedule… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Northrop Grumman Break Ground at New Grand Sky Tech Park

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven today joined executives from Northrop Grumman and state and local officials to break ground on the global aerospace and defense technology giant's new office building at Grand Sky, Grand Forks County's new technology park. In 2012, Hoeven first brought Northrop Grumman leaders to North Dakota to showcase opportunities in the Grand Forks region as part of his work to build the area into a premier hub for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) development. "Grand Sk… Continue Reading


Hoeven Announces $400K in Federal Funding to Support Rural Development in North Dakota

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven, who serves on the U.S. Senate Appropriations and Agriculture Committees, today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Development has awarded two grants of $200,000 each to the Common Enterprise Development Cooperation (CEDC) and the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives. The funds will be used to help small businesses and rural cooperatives grow, create jobs and enhance their capacity to serve residents and communitie… Continue Reading


Hoeven Working to Lift Crude Oil Export Ban, Build a True States First All-of-the-Above National Energy Plan

BISMARCK, N.D. - On a panel of energy leaders at the ninth annual Great Plains & EmPower ND Energy Conference, Senator John Hoeven today highlighted the importance of lifting the federal ban on crude oil exports to bolster the nation's economy and maintain our energy security. The senator also outlined his efforts to build a true states-first, all-of-the-above national energy policy like the one he led with EmPower North Dakota, the state's first comprehensive energy plan, which he launched… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Court Blocking Waters of the U.S. Rule Nationwide

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement in response to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court blocking implementation of the Waters of the U.S. rule nationwide while the courts determine its legality. In August, U.S. District Court Judge Ralph Erickson issued an injunction blocking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from implementing the WOTUS rule in North Dakota and 12 additional states that had challenged the rule. Today's ruling blocks implementation nationwide: "To… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on the House Vote to Lift the Crude Oil Export Ban

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today issued the following statement in response to the U.S. House of Representatives' successful vote to lift the long-standing crude oil export ban: "The House today voted to lift the decades-old ban on exporting crude oil from the United States. In the Senate, I have been working with leadership to get a vote to eliminate the ban by year end. Lifting the law prohibiting U.S. producers from selling their product on the world market will help produce more energ… Continue Reading


Hoeven Touts Edgewood Corp Plaza as Example of Today's Entrepreneurism Meeting Proud Past in ND

GRAND FORKS, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven and a group of Grand Forks business leaders today celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Edgewood Corporate Plaza building, which will be fully occupied for the first time since the flood of 1997. The architecturally prominent building was acquired and renovated by the Edgewood Real Estate Investment Trust and the Edgewood Management Group in 2012, when it was only about 40 percent occupied. "When you look around downtown Grand Forks, you see something t… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Heitkamp, Cramer and Dalrymple Unveil Agenda for 2015 Great Plains & EmPower ND Energy Conference

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senators John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp, Congressman Kevin Cramer and Governor Jack Dalrymple today announced the agenda for the ninth annual Great Plains & EmPower ND Energy Conference. The daylong, premier energy conference will be held October 13, 2015, at the National Energy Center of Excellence at Bismarck State College. The conference is hosted by North Dakota's congressional delegation and governor, Bismarck State College, Great Plains Energy Corridor, KLJ and the No… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Senate Unable to Overcome Filibuster on Energy and Water Funding Bill

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Senate was unable to overcome a filibuster of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Water and Energy Appropriations bill. The bill includes language Hoeven authored that supports flood protection and water infrastructure projects for Fargo, Minot and LaMoure, as well as funding for energy research conducted in North Dakota. The measure required 60 votes to proceed to debate and a vote, but was blocked along party lines, 49 to 47. As a member of… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Senate Passes National Defense Legislation

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today spoke on the Senate floor to urge strong bipartisan support for the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Senate passed the final version of the bill later in the day by 70 to 27. The House approved the bill last week. The legislation now goes to President Obama, who has threatened to veto it. "Today's vote approves the National Defense Authorization Act, but we still have work to do," Hoeven said. "The president has threatened to… Continue Reading


Hoeven Honors Minot Couple for Adoption Work

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today recognized Kevin and Paula Burckhard of Minot to honor their outstanding commitment to adoption. Hoeven selected the Burckhards to receive the national Angels in Adoption award after considering a pool of inspiring candidates, and the Burckhards traveled to Washington this week to attend a ceremony in recognition of this year's Angels in Adoption awardees. "Kevin and Paula Burckhard exemplify the positive impact individuals can have on the lives of Nor… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Senate Passes Key Vote on National Defense Legislation

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today announced that the U.S. Senate passed a key vote on the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The vote was 73 to 26. The House approved the measure last week. The vote today paves the way for final passage tomorrow. The bill will then go to President Obama, who has threatened to veto it. Hoeven worked to ensure the legislation included priorities for North Dakota and the nation. The NDAA includes a total of $604 billion to support the… Continue Reading


Hoeven: Air Force to Study Options to Train Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilots

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven told General Herbert J. "Hawk" Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command, that he backs a new Air Force study to review options to train pilots for remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs). Hoeven said he believes the study will help to highlight the value of Grand Sky technology park at Grand Forks Air Force Base as a key hub to train U.S. Air Force pilots to fly RPAs. The Air Force faces significant challenges in training enough pilots to meet the demand for unmanned a… Continue Reading


Hoeven Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

WASHINGTON - Senator John Hoeven today released the following statement after the U.S. and 11 other nations reached an agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). "We will review the details of this agreement in the coming months to ensure that TPP will benefit North Dakota farmers, manufacturers and businesses as well as the overall U.S economy. We need to ensure that this agreement promotes open and fair trade for the United States." -###-… Continue Reading


Hoeven Speaks at U.S. Cattlemen's Association & I-BAND Annual Meeting

BISMARCK, N.D. - Senator John Hoeven, who serves on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, today told members of the U.S. Cattlemen's Association (USCA) and the Independent Beef Association of North Dakota (I-BAND) that they are good stewards of the land and water and he is working on legislation at the federal level that will enable them to continue their good management. "North Dakota's farmers and ranchers have a long and successful history of good environmental stewardship, and they provid… Continue Reading


Hoeven, Thune Place Friendly Wager on Outcome of this Weekend's NDSU VS SDSU Football Game

WASHINGTON - Senators John Hoeven and John Thune (R-S.D.) today agreed to a friendly wager for this weekend's football game between North Dakota State University (NDSU) and South Dakota State University (SDSU). NDSU and SDSU both moved to Division I in 2003, and their annual meeting has come to be known as the Dakota Marker game. The winner gets to take home the Dakota Marker, a 75-pound model replica of the original quartzite monuments that used to frame the border between the two states. Hoev… Continue Reading

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