Hoeven, Hamm Talk Energy Independence, Crude Transportation Safety, Energy Infrastructure

WASHINGTON – At a Senate Energy Committee hearing this week, Senator John Hoeven questioned Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm on the best ways for the federal government to help industry produce the energy necessary for our nation to become energy independent. Hamm was testifying before the committee on behalf of the oil industry. Hoeven also stressed the importance of ensuring crude oil is transported safely, and the need to build energy infrastructure, including pipelines, rails and refineries to meet growth challenges.

“The number one energy priority for Americans is that we become energy independent, or producing more energy than we consume,” said Hoeven. “We’re making tremendous progress to achieve that goal, thanks to you and the tremendous work happening in North Dakota, but we need to ensure the federal government is helping, not hindering our progress to produce more energy.”

Hoeven also stressed the importance of improving safety in transporting crude oil and questioned what is being done to improve safety and prevent accidents. Hamm said that safety is of utmost importance and that they are taking steps to prevent accidents, including rerouting trains and increasing rail inspections.

With increasing energy development, the senator and Hamm agreed on the need to build more energy infrastructure including pipelines, rail and refineries.