Hoeven: Bureau of Reclamation Signs Lot Transfer Agreement for Jamestown Reservoir

Senator Sponsored Legislation to Allow Homeowners to Purchase Lots, Worked with BOR to Finalize Agreement

JAMESTOWN, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today held a virtual signing ceremony with Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Missouri Basin Regional Director Brent Esplin, North Dakota state legislators and local officials to finalize the transfer of federal land around Jamestown Reservoir to the Jamestown Park Board and allow homeowners to purchase their lots. Hoeven introduced legislation to enable the transfer in November 2017 after working with homeowners and local officials, and passed the legislation through Congress in 2018. The president signed the senator’s bill into law later that year. Following this, Hoeven organized discussions to ensure clear communication between BOR, local officials and the homeowners to keep the process moving forward.

“With the land transfer agreement now signed, the Jamestown Park Board is able to move forward with selling the lots around Jamestown Reservoir to the area’s homeowners, providing certainty to the community that has long invested in these properties,” said Senator Hoeven. “We appreciate everyone involved, including the homeowners association, Stutsman County, BOR, Senator Wardner and Representative Headland, for working with us to bring the pieces together and make local ownership of this land a reality.”

“On behalf of the Jamestown Cabin Owner’s Association, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Senator Hoeven and all those who helped finalize this agreement,” said Darin Peterson, President of the Jamestown Reservoir Cabin Owner’s Association. “The opportunity to own the lots our homes have stood on for decades provides long-term assurance for those of us committed to living and working in the community of Jamestown and allows for growth and development of tourism in the beautiful Jamestown area.”

Specifically, the legislation Hoeven sponsored and passed:

  • Transfers federal lands around Jamestown Reservoir – including 71 permitted exclusive use home lots, two campgrounds, a park and unpurchased lots – to the Stutsman County Park Board and the North Dakota Game and Fish at no cost. 
  • Directs that proceeds exceeding the costs of preparing residential lots for sale be used for administrative costs and deferred maintenance of the dam. The BOR maintains responsibility over the reservoir and dam.