Hoeven Addresses North Dakota Educators at Annual Career and Technical Education Conference

State and Nation Depend on Skilled Technical Education

BISMARCK, N.D. – Senator John Hoeven today said our states and nation need to maintain their commitment to providing a high quality education to all students to ensure that future generations have the knowledge and skills needed to compete in an increasingly global, high-tech economy. The senator spoke this afternoon at the Forty-Third Annual Career and Technical Education Professional Development Conference.

“Today and in the future, our state and nation need a talented, innovative workforce to advance the economic health of our country,” Hoeven said. “As part of our efforts to ensure that students are prepared to compete in an increasingly global, high-tech economy, we need to ensure that our teachers have access to resources like today’s development conference which reflects one way North Dakota is working to empower our schools, administrators and teachers to create local strategies and learn new teaching techniques that will help them meet our shared goal of better educating our students.”

Approximately 600 of North Dakota’s career and technical educators are slated to participate in this year’s Career and Technical Education Professional Development Conference. The two-day conference offers a number of programs designed to provide educators with the latest in teaching techniques and instructional technology.

The North Dakota State Board for Career and Technical Education hosts the annual Professional Development Conference to help further its goal of developing a qualified and skill workforce. The Board functions as North Dakota’s public workforce education and training delivery system, providing career awareness, readiness skills, occupational preparation and retraining programs to the state’s students and workforce.