Hoeven Announces $3 Million USDA Allocation for ND Specialty Crops

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven today announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has allocated over $3 million for the North Dakota Department of Agriculture through its Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP), a program that supports states’ efforts to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and tree nuts. Through the SCBGP, state departments of agriculture can support specialty crop growers through research and projects that develop new varieties of crops, improve efficiency and sustainability of crop production and establish local and regional fresh food systems, among other things. 

“These funds will help North Dakota growers diversify and strengthen their production of crops, while also improving the ways we bring these crops to market,” Hoeven said. “That means lower costs for both producers and our consumers, as well as better nutrition and greater choice for our fami...

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Hoeven: Farmers and Ranchers Can Sign-Up for Livestock Indemnity Program Beginning Today

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven announced that beginning today, April 15, North Dakota farmers and ranchers who suffered livestock losses can contact their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office to sign-ups for the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) today. The 2014 Farm Bill provides LIP for the life of the farm bill, including coverage for the current fiscal year, since the program expired in 2011. It covers 75 percent of the value of the animals lost with an aggregate limit of $125,000.

To expedite applications, ranchers should:

  • Contact their local FSA county office to schedule an appointment
  • Bring records and documentation of their losses
  • Sign up beginning today, April 15

“We worked hard to ensure that the new Farm Bill provides the livestock indemnity program and other livestock disaster assistance to help our producers recover losses when disasters strike,” Hoeven said. “Last Octobe...

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Hoeven Calls on USDA, DOE and EPA to Halt Regulations on Livestock Emissions

WASHINGTON – Senator John Hoeven is calling on the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to refrain from regulating livestock emissions as part of the President’s proposed methane reduction plan. In a letter to the agency heads, Hoeven pressed them not to impose regulations on livestock emissions that if enacted could cost medium-sized dairy farms up to $22,000 and medium-sized cattle farms up to $27,000 annually.

“We need common sense rules and regulations in this nation, not one-size-fits-all mandates that don’t work in the real world,” said Hoeven. “Our farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods are dependent upon the land and they have a real stake in protecting the environment. Imposing costly and unnecessary regulations on livestock emissions will not only hurt our livestock producers, but American families and our economy.”

The president’s C...

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Hoeven in Europe Working to Help Build European Energy Plan in Face of Russian Aggression

OSLO, NORWAY – Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.) was in Norway Monday as part of a week-long Senate delegation to Europe to help build a long-term energy plan that will help reduce Ukraine’s and the region’s dependence on Russian natural gas. Also on the mission is Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Hoeven and the Senate delegation met in Norway Monday with high ranking Norwegian energy officials and senior executives of Statoil, a major multinational oil and gas Norwegian company with operations in thirty-six countries. Norway is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and an important U.S. ally.

At the meeting was Norwegian State Secretary for Oil and Energy Kåre Fostervold, as well as Statoil’s Senior Vice President of Natural Gas Marketing & Supply Grete Birgitte Haaland and Chief Economist Eirik Wærness. The delegation heard firsthand the outlook on Norway’s energy production capacity and i...

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Hoeven Talks KXL CBO Report with Stuart Varney

On February 6, Senator Hoeven talks joins Stuart Varney to discuss his work to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project....
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Hoeven on Flexibility in School Nutrition Program

On Jan 9, Senator Hoeven talks with Gerri Willis about his work to improve flexibility in the school lunch programs....
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Hoeven on Fox Business: Americans Want Keystone XL Pipeline

On July 11, Senator Hoeven joins Melissa Francis to talk about the benefits of building the Keystone XL pipeline....
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Hoeven and Corker Discuss Border Security

On June 21, Senators John Hoeven and Bob Corker discuss their amendment to secure the border with Jenna Lee on Happening Now....
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